Create Your Own Personalized Two-Line Photo Mat

At "Picture This" Photo Mats we are always working on new ideas. We are now offering Photo Mats in a different format. Our new mats consist of one or two lines of small letters and/or numbers followed by rectangular, square, round, or oval openings. They are designed for 4x6 photos and come in three lengths (all are 6" high). 20"-up to six letters per line ($21.95), 26"-up to nine letters per line ($24.95), and 32"-up to twelve letters per line ($27.95). Two-line mats do not contain clip art cutouts like our standard mats. Also check out our vertical mats!

The number of openings used varies according to the number of letters or numbers per line. Where one line has more letters than the other, a small letterbox opening may be used above or beneath the lettering for maximum exposure of photos. The variety of ways you can arrange photos behind the lettering and small boxes is endless!

Only one 1-space letter box allowed per line. Please note that the actual Photo Mat you receive may vary slightly from the digital representation you create. We balance all of the photo mats so they look their best before we send them to you. If you have any questions feel free to e-mail us.

When designing a photo mat with 2 lines of text, you now have the option of centering the text with the Center Text Tool. Please note that the letter boxes cannot be used when Text Centering Tool is used.

Size of Openings:

Note that shapes are 3" tall


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